SEITAN is in the dictionary!

We’re very happy to share with you that the word ‘seitan’ has been added into the Collins English Dictionary. Our friends at Plant Based News broke the story the other day via their Instagram page. It’s been added along with ‘Veganuary’ and a collection of other vegan-themed words. We aren’t sure at the moment whether it’s going to be added to the Oxford Dictionary but this is a great start on the mission to make seitan a household term.

Graphic from this Plant Based News Instagram post – please follow them!

Our founder, Steve Swindon, said the following: “At LoveSeitan we’re delighted that ‘seitan’ has been added to the Collins Dictionary. As we’ve said before, we’re on a mission to make seitan as sexy as jackfruit and as well known as tofu! It’s great that seitan is finally getting the recognition it deserves after it being around for hundreds of years. We want the world to know that it’s a unique, standalone food product that differs from other vegan meats that are available on the market…”

Steve sharing his love of seitan with the world… sadly this T-shirt wasn’t made from seitan.

If anyone sees ‘seitan’ in any other dictionaries then please let us know via our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – obviously we love seitan or we wouldn’t be called LoveSeitan!

You can try all our seitan products by heading over to online shop! Remember – it’s in the dictionary now, so you have to try it. Please don’t eat a dictionary though. Seitan is much nicer!

Seitan doing what it does best – adding flavour, texture and protein to every meal! It’s addictive! 🙂

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