Meet the team! Volume 1: Co-Founder, Steve Swindon

We’re very lucky to have a super friendly, fun and dedicated team here at LoveSeitan! So we thought you might all like a chance to get to know them a bit. Let’s start off with Co-Founder, Steve Swindon! 

See below for his answers to our carefully chosen questions and get to know the man behind the operations of your favourite seitan provider! 

  1. What inspired you to create LoveSeitan? 

I met my Co-Founder, Nick Abear, in 2016 and together we realised that it was practically impossible to buy seitan online other than pickled in jars. It was bizarre as it’s such a brilliant vegan food… why was nobody making it easily available?

As dedicated vegans, our mission is to do whatever we can to reduce and eventually eliminate the consumption of animals and animal products by humans. But how do you do that? One way is to provide a top quality vegan product (in this case a vegan meat/food), some may say “meat replacement”, that all people (vegans, veggies, omnis) can enjoy. 

The key was to create something that would provide a healthier and cruelty free alternative to existing animal based products and that is more delicious than anything else on the market. Nick is a genius in the kitchen and had been experimenting and perfecting the art of producing the most amazing, flavoured and textured, home-made seitan for a while. So, we partnered up and decided to make the dream a reality! And here we are! In August 2017, LoveSeitan was born.

  1. What is your favourite type of seitan and why?

Ooooh! That’s a tough question. It has to be a toss up between Smokey Dokey and Classic. Very hard to choose between them. If it’s a stew or roast, probably classic. But if it’s a curry, perhaps Smokey Dokey, or maybe Chilli & Garlic. The flavours are a perfect blend – I always look forward to meals with that type of seitan!

  1. What do you love most about working with the LoveSeitan team?

We have a brilliant, committed and fun team to work with here. They’re always positive, love our mission and are full of laughs whatever the weather. If you’re having a tough day, they’re the perfect group of people to cheer you up and get you back on your feet!

  1. Outside of work, what are your favourite hobbies/activities?

I’m an active chap! Particularly big fan of cycling, running and swimming. Always on the move! And when it comes to non-sporting activities: you’ll often find me at the cinema, theatre, a live music gig or comedy show. And on occasion, I have been known to visit an art gallery if I’m in the right mood. 

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s a well known quote, but it rings true for me: 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

It’s absolutely spot on. Lots of us talk about the world and how we want to see it improve, but too often we don’t act on it. We need to make things happen and improve things ourselves. That’s ultimately why we started LoveSeitan. We want to help people transition away from animal products towards delicious plant-based/vegan food instead. Let’s change the world, one meal at a time!

So there you have it! All you need to know (within reason) about our Co-Founder, Steve Swindon. Keep an eye out for our next ‘Meet The Team’ post! To stay up to date with all new announcements, blog posts, future partnerships and new products, please follow our journey on our social media channels:


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