Love at first bite! Combining vegan food with vegan dating

Exciting news straight from LoveSeitan HQ today! We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Veggly, the world’s leading vegan and vegetarian dating app, founded by Alex Felipelli. We hope this partnership will lead to new beginnings for any of our customers looking for love.

From today, Veggly users in the UK will have access to discounts on LoveSeitan products in an effort to boost awareness of seitan as a healthy vegan meat. 

As you know (if you’re a regular reader of our blog) seitan has proven to be the perfect choice for plant-based protein seekers and is continuing to rise up the ranks of the most popular vegan meats in Europe. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike are becoming seitan fans thanks to its meaty texture and healthy ingredients. With new support from Veggly, seitan is set to become more bigger than tofu and sexier than jackfruit!

At the same time, LoveSeitan customers in the UK will now be given discounted access to Veggly’s world-leading dating platform, which now has over 175,000 users globally, and 32,500 in the UK. The UK was shown to be the best place in the world for vegan dating earlier this year, in a study revealing the country to have the highest number of Veggly users in relation to population, ahead of Germany and Australia. Overall, the United States boasts the highest number of Veggly users, with 40,000 but has a much higher population than the UK (328million vs 67million).

Commenting on the new partnership, our Co-Founder, Steve Swindon, said: “This is great news for seitan lovers looking for new love in their life. We hope to see plenty of ‘Veg-Matches’, success stories and new relationships for our customers come out of this new partnership. And together with Veggly, we’re keen to boost awareness of seitan as a delicious vegan meat throughout the UK!”

Also commenting on the partnership news, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said: “Seitan is a wonderful vegan food and we love helping create new relationships in the UK, so it is a perfect partnership for us! We’re very excited to see some new ‘Veg-Matches’ for LoveSeitan customers across the country.”

So what does this actually mean?

If you’re a LoveSeitan customer, you’ll get discounted access to Veggly’s app and will receive a code* with 10 free coins enabling you to send 10 ‘Super Likes’ for free! 

In return, Veggly users will receive access to LoveSeitan discount codes, enabling lovers of the plant-based lifestyle to sample some seitan! 

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We’ve already seen some media attention for our partnership! Make sure you check out the articles from Plant Based News and The Vegan Review.

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