Probably the best seitan in the world
We at LoveSeitan produce the best Seitan you will find anywhere, period. We are passionate about the Seitan we produce and are obsessed with the idea of sharing our Seitan with as many people as possible. At LoveSeitan we believe in only using natural ingredients. Our Seitan is lovingly home made and is free from oil or other fats, added salt, sugar and any other nasties you often find in commercially produced Seitan.

What is Seitan?
Seitan is quite simply a protein rich food, often compared to meat, but made from plants so is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It has a firmer texture than other similar products such as tofu and tempeh. Our Seitan also comes in a number of different flavours.

Click here for a brief history of Seitan.

Our Seitan can be served in a number of ways such as in stir fries, curries, stews, sliced in sandwiches (delicious with onion and salad cream as a breakfast treat), barbequed or on its own with a side of veg or salad. The beauty of our Seitan is that it does not fall apart when cooked like tofu can do and retains its lovely texture which adds a delicious bite to any dish it is cooked with. It can take on the flavour of any sauce it is cooked in making it an ideal base for a curry.

So where do you get your protein? Answer….SEITAN!
It is very high in protein (around 37% by weight), contains almost no fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol, carbohydrates or added salt. We do not use any preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers. For storage & preparation information, please click here.

It truly is a miracle food that can replace animal products in any dish.