Twenty years ago, street food was dodgy burger vans outside football grounds and roadside vendors. But thanks to the rise in outdoor events and festivals, it now represents a thriving, vibrant community of entrepreneurial chefs introducing us to exciting new flavours and fantastic food.

The UK street food market is now worth over 1.2 billion each year. On average, festival goers spend around £200 each at events on food and drink.

Street Food has now become so popular, restaurants and retailers are now trying to enter the market themselves to capitalise on the food-loving demographic. Some restaurants that have opened in recent years are solely dedicated towards serving their own take on dine-in street food, whilst supermarkets have introduced new ranges that cater to the market’s taste for new and diverse flavours.

Food to Go

Our appetite for street food is booming, and so is the demand for vegan alternatives. With the number of people looking for or at least considering vegan options growing every day it’s no surprise that it’s one of the fastest growing food markets.

Street food trucks and shipping containers are popping up everywhere and people can’t get enough of them. Gone are the days when the veggie option was either chips or salad, these days the options are as wide as the chefs imagination. Our seitan products are becoming more and more widely used by street vendors across the UK as its versatility makes it the ideal ingredient in a wide number of dishes.

From burgers, burritos and fajitas, to kebabs and Thai noodles. From Taco’s to stew’s to Bao Buns, seitan will make all of these and more dishes really stand out from the crowd.

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