Hey everyone! We hope you all enjoyed World Seitan Day as much as we did! It was a huge moment for us at LoveSeitan and for seitan fans around the world. Whether you attended the event or followed it online, or even if you missed it altogether (somehow), here are our top 5 things we learnt on the day!

Hundred rolled up for a slice of the WSD action!
  1. Sustainability is a huge issue for consumers and brands 

It was clear for seitan lovers that sustainability is a key priority. Several attendees expressed their passion on this issue at WSD and asked to know more. Of course, we were happy to help advise. As many of us know, eating a plant based diet or even trying to cut back on meat consumption can make a huge difference to firstly your health, and secondly, the environment. Eating a plant based/vegan/veggie diet reduces the impact of climate change as it cuts the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere significantly. But what about seitan? Is that a good option when you’re concerned about the planet? The answer is: YES! 

Seitan’s carbon footprint is 130 times lower than beef; this shows that by eating seitan not only benefits the planet but it is so delicious it’ll make any meal 130 times yummier than any beef!

Putting seitan on the map is very good for the planet!
  1. Seitan Pepperoni on pizza is a HUGE crowd pleaser

We had well over 100 guests at World Seitan Day and everyone went gaga for the vegan pizza. The seitan pepperoni covered pizza was voted to be our guests’ number 1 topping of choice! It was the hot ticket of the night! If you want a slice of the action, make sure you try the seitan pepperoni and click here.

There’s only one thing better than vegan pizza and that’s vegan pizza with seitan on it
  1. Vegan comedian Jake Yapp was even funnier than we thought! 

Jake brought vegan and seitan-related humour to a new level! His jokes were hilarious, carefully thought-out and explored and tickled a myriad of vegan views. He left us all in stitches and some left us as red in the face thanks to some raunchy jokes… as red as the seitan pepperoni! 

Did he say that? Yes, yes he did.
  1. Richard Fox – he  puts the ‘master’ in masterclass. 

Celebrity chef Richard Fox gave some of the guests a master class in how to make seitan from scratch. All sorts of tasty flavours were involved in the dishes and they made everyone feel like their own versions were Michelin star worthy (sort of). The seitan kebab was a key highlight, and the perfect snack after a couple of glasses of vegan wine as the evening progressed. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see who can replicate what they learned next time!

Just you wait until you try his vegan pork pie – yum!
  1. The true origins of seitan

Learning how seitan dates back to ancient China almost 1,500 years ago where Buddhist monks discovered ‘wheat meat’ was a particular highlight for many guests this year. After seitan was brought to the west in the 1960s and having the term ‘Seitan’ installed as the main term to describe it was a big step. ‘Seitan’ means ‘proper protein’ and was coined by the legendary George Ohsawa. We all also learned a lot about the LoveSeitan backstory thanks to our beloved co-founder Steve Swindon. Steve took us through the journey and highlighted the importance of the plant-based community in order to raise awareness of the seitan movement, and the wider movement to make our planet a healthier place. It was inspiring to say the least, and added the prefect wrap up to a wonderful evening of seitan-related fun! 

The main man being remembered on his birthday!

So there they are, our top 5 takeaways from the first ever World Seitan Day! 

If you missed out this year, there is always next year! We would love to see you there.

Remember, LoveSeitan is not just a brand, being part of LoveSeitan means you’re part of a movement, a movement to help heal our planet and enjoy the most delicious vegan meat available!

Smile if you love seitan!

At LoveSeitan, we believe everyone who is a part of our team, who buys our products or agrees with our goals is an ambassador for this movement. To heal and protect the planet takes making those little changes together and spreading the awareness. So make sure you get out there and spread the word! 

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Then everyone went home with one of our award winning goody bags* (*they haven’t won an award yet but they will)
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