Soy long, farewell! LoveSeitan is now soy-free

More exciting news from LoveSeitan HQ today! We are very pleased to announce that our entire range is now soy-free, as of the start of 2021. 

Spear-headed by our ground-breaking soy-free ‘Seitan Pepperoni’ and soy-free ‘Seitan Roast’, both launched last year, the LoveSeitan team has taken great care to ensure its entire range is free from any soy. This move have been made for a number of key reasons:

  1. Soy is an allergen for some consumers 
  2. Removing soy ensures less salt in across all the seitan recipes 
  3. Removing soy enables LoveSeitan to gain kosher certification
  4. Soy production is linked to deforestation*

*However, the vast majority of soy production in the world is for animal feed purposes. LoveSeitan fully recognises that human consumption of soy is a far smaller issue than animal consumption. 

In the past, the soy in our original recipes was from soy sauce which added flavour and colour to the finished product. Last year, the team initially developed soy-free ‘Seitan Pepperoni’ for a manufacturing client that operated a soy-free site. After a successful trial, the team was so pleased with the results, they decided to remove soy sauce from all of the recipes. 

Our overall goal is still to make sure seitan is as healthy, tasty, accessible and sustainable as possible. Seitan has proven to be the perfect choice for vegans searching for a meat alternative in recent years, and is continuing to rise up the ranks of the most popular vegan meats in Europe. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike are becoming seitan fans thanks to its meaty texture and healthy ingredients.

Commenting on the soy-free news, Co-Founder of LoveSeitan, Steve Swindon, said: “This move makes a lot of sense for us. It’s a quadruple win. Less salt, more sustainable, enables us to receive a kosher certification and removes an allergen from all our recipes. Meanwhile, the signature LoveSeitan taste remains the same!”

As usual, make sure you keep an eye out for our next announcement! We’re always looking for a new way to boost seitan appreciation across the world! 

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PS: ‘Soy Long, Farewell’ is taken from the film – ‘The Soynd of Music.’

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