5 things we learnt from the LoveSeitan customer survey

Firstly, we would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who completed our customer survey. As you know, our mission is to provide the best quality seitan, service, and value possible, so your feedback is crucial when it comes to refining, updating and improving our offering. 

We asked a range of questions and are currently going through thousands of results as we believe everyone’s view needs to be heard. So far, we’ve spotted five key trends that we wanted to share with you. So here they are!

1. 90% would recommend LoveSeitan to a friend 

As you would imagine, we are very grateful to see such a high percentage here. Building a nationwide (and international) community of seitan lovers is a big goal for us, so knowing you’re keen to recommend us is encouraging to hear. Of course, we can always do better. 9.7% of you said you were unsure when it came to this question. If you’re one of those 9.7%, please let us know; we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve. 

2. Customer service going smoothly  

We’re delighted to see that over 93% of you rate our customer service as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. 7% have rated it as ‘satisfactory’. We would love to convert that final 7% to ‘good’ or higher! So, if you’re from that group, please let us know. 

3. DPD to the rescue!

Switching our delivery service to DPD has been a clear success. Over 85% of you have praised the move and a further 13.3% are satisfied. We’re certain the results would’ve been much lower if we had stuck with our previous supplier, so we’re pleased to have made the switch. For more information about why we chose DPD, please see this blog

4. You like our packaging, but further improvements are on the way

80% of you think our product packaging is ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, and a further 14% think it’s satisfactory. The remaining 5-6% are keen to see more improvement. The good news is we’re working on it! Our team is currently undertaking another review of our packaging to improve it further – the big thing being to add cooking instructions (click link for the online version).

5. Seitan attracts all types of people! 

The survey also revealed what sort of diets our customers follow. Over 51.5% are vegan (which isn’t surprising as we are a vegan brand), 19.3% are vegetarians, 10.3% are flexitarian, 5.8% are pescatarian and 9.4% are omnivores. We think this is great! Of course, we will always be a vegan brand but we are pleased to see that our seitan is a popular choice for all sorts of people – there’s nothing wrong with an omnivore trying out some seitan every now and then! 

So, there you have it! Thank you all for getting involved! To stay up to date with our next announcements, surveys, and future partnerships, please follow our journey on our social channels:





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