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Seitan Logs

Our new seitan logs are different from our traditional blocks in that they are round. Also they are 1kg in weight rather than 800g for the blocks so you get 25% more for the same price.

They are currently available in six flavours. They are: Chilli & Garlic, Smokey Dokey, Italian Herb,  Classic Seitan, Funky Chyck’n and Simply Seitan.

As with all of our products, our seitan logs are high in plant based protein, very low in fat, are a source of fibre and have no added salt or sugar. For the ingredients and nutritional values of any of our specific flavours, please visit the individual product pages.

All of our seitan products are suitable for vegans.

Storage & Preparation
Our seitan logs have a long (4 month) shelf life so long as the packaging is intact. Once opened, wrap the remaining seitan tightly in cling film, keep refrigerated and use withing 48 hours of opening. Alternatively, freeze the seitan on the day of opening and use within 3 months of freezing.

More info on storage and preparation can be found here.

Things to do with Seitan.

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