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Seitan Deli Slices

Our seitan deli slices have the perfect texture, just enough bite and deep rich flavours. They are versatile too, great in sandwiches and baguettes with any filling you can imagine. They are superb as a pizza topping, chopped up and added to a pasta sauce, or you can simply eat them straight out of the pack.

Our seitan deli slices are currently available in six flavours, with three new flavours due to be released shortly. The current flavours are: Chilli & Garlic, Funky Chyck’n, Ham Style, Italian Herb, Sage & Onion and Smokey Dokey. The new flavours coming soon are Cajun Nation, Flamin’ Fajita and Super Green.

As with all of our seitan products, our deli slices are high in plant based protein, very low in fat, are a source of fibre and have no added salt or sugar.

All of our seitan products are suitable for vegans.