Seitan Curry

Seitan Curry

It’s almost impossible to document the history of the curry. There is archaeological evidence from as far back as 2600BC in South & Southeast Asia, of seeds and spices being ground up to use to flavour food.

It was first seen in the UK as far back as the 17th century but didn’t really grab the attention of the population until the 1970s. These days you’ll find a curry restaurant in almost every town.

Traditionally in the UK a curry would include meat or seafood, but these days as we are becoming more aware of not only the suffering of animals in our industrial food system, but also the health benefits of avoiding it, people are opting for vegan or vegetarian options.

By adding some of our Seitan to your curry you will get all and more of the protein you would have from meat and fish without having to worry exactly what it is you’re eating.

Cook your curry as you usually would, chop up some Classic, Chilli & Garlic, Smokey or even Curry & Coriander flavoured Seitan and simply add it to the pot. Serve with wholegrain rice if possible and a chapati.