• Seitan Curry

Seitan Curry

A seitan curry is a dish that has to be experienced. The taste and texture of the seitan adds substance to a vegetable curry. And for those looking to add protein to their recipe, it’s the perfect ingredient.

It’s almost impossible to document the history of the curry. There is archaeological evidence from as far back as 2600BC in South & Southeast Asia, of seeds and spices being ground up to use to flavour food.

It was first seen in the UK as far back as the 17th century but didn’t really grab the attention of the population until the 1970s. These days you’ll find a curry restaurant in almost every town.

Using Seitan in a Curry

Create your curry as you normally would, there are thousands of recipes available online, almost all different, so it would be impossible to select one to add here. Create your favourite curry and 10 minutes before it’s ready, flash fry your seitan pieces to crisp the outside a little and then add then to the pot. Cook on low heat for another 10 minutes before turning off the heat, allowing it to sit for a while.

I like to leave a curry overnight for the flavours of the spices to really come out, but if you’re keen to try it, leave it for 30 minutes then gently reheat.

This is my preferred way of making a seitan curry but to be honest, you can’t get it wrong. Just so long as the seitan gets a chance to marinate a little, it will be very good.

I like to use Chilli & Garlic, Funky Chyck’n or Flamin’ Fajita when I make a curry but all work equally well depending of the type of sauce you are making.