Multi Pack 1 – 2 x 1kg Logs


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Classic Seitan
Log - 1kg Classic Seitan
Chilli & Garlic Seitan
Log - 1kg Chilli & Garlic

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Smokey Seitan
Log - 1kg Smokey Dokey
Funky Chyck'n Seitan
Log - 1kg Funky Chyck'n
Simply Seitan
Log - 1kg Simply Seitan
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All of our products are fortified with vitamin B12. 100g of our seitan provides over 50% of your daily requirement of B12. All of our products are vegan, are low in fat, high in protein and contain no cholesterol, GMO’s or Palm Oil. They are also a good source of Iron and Calcium.

For ingredients see the individual product pages.

Storage & Preparation
Our seitan logs have a long (30 weeks) shelf life so long as the packaging is intact. Once opened, wrap the remaining seitan tightly in cling film, keep refrigerated and use withing 5 days of opening. Alternatively, freeze the seitan on the day of opening and use within 3 months of freezing.


Prepared Seitan Dishes


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