About Us

Nick: LoveSeitan’s creative talent. Nick has spent the last few years perfecting LoveSeitan’s delicious range of Seitan. He is an incredibly talented cook and has been known to produce fantastic meals for crowds of hungry campers using nothing more than a camp stove and a frying pan. He has been a vegan for most of his life, is an activist and is passionate about animal rights. You can follow Nick on Twitter via @schimmbo

Steve: LoveSeitan’s operations guru. Steve is responsible for ensuring that LoveSeitan’s plan for world domination is successful. He has been instrumental in launching several start ups and has successfully turned around failing projects and companies. He has been vegan since June 2014, is also an activist and is equally passionate about animal rights.

Frances: LoveSeitan’s kitchen operations manager.  She is responsible for ensuring that LoveSeitan’s products are prepared to the highest possible standards and that our stock of ingredients is continually replenished to ensure we don’t run out.  Her infinite patience and lovely calm nature keeps everything cushty and ticking over like a well oiled machine. Frances was vegetarian for more than 20 years and became fully vegan in 2016.

Lizzie: LoveSeitan’s digital marketing manager.  Lizzie is responsible for ensuring that the seitan love is communicated and shared across all social media channels.  She also helps to spread the LoveSeitan message at the events we are attending.  Lizzie is a busy activist and a passionate advocate for animal rights. You can follow Lizzie on Twitter via @FizzieKidd.