More green news from LoveSeitan HQ today!

We are today releasing new data from an analysis by Thrust Carbon revealing how eating a ¼ pound of seitan a day instead of ¼ pound of beef each day saves as much carbon as over 10 return flights to Rome per year (22,560 miles of flying – just under the circumference of planet Earth). 

The data shows how if one person were to eat a ¼ pounder burger of LoveSeitan’s seitan once a day for a year, the total carbon footprint would be a mere 19.3kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). To put this into context, the average tree captures over 20kg of CO2 a year. In terms of flight distance, this would account for just 175 miles of flying (which would be just enough for a one-way flight from London to Sheffield), a tiny 0.78% of the flight distance equivalent for eating beef at the same rate. 

Instead, if someone were to eat a ¼ pounder burger of beef once a day for a year, the total carbon footprint would be a whopping 2,483.4kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) – the same footprint as 10.6 return flights to Rome from London (22,560 miles of flying).

Throughout the analysis, plant-based foods scored a much lower carbon footprint than animal products, with tofu producing just 300kg of emissions per 100kg of tofu. But seitan has a much smaller footprint by far, with just 46.6kg per 100kg of seitan. 

Commenting on the new emission comparison analysis, Co-Founder of LoveSeitan, Steve Swindon, said: “Now is the time to switch to more sustainable food sources. We can’t continue down this road where animal products are part of every meal. I don’t see how anyone could look at this data and not want to cut animal products, particularly beef, out of their diet. The evidence is clear and I hope it nudges people in the right direction towards a healthier, more sustainable diet that is kinder to animals.

“If you’re eating a quarter pound of beef once a day for a year, that’s the equivalent of taking over 10 return flights to Rome every year. In contrast, you can eat exactly the same amount of seitan and it only costs 19kg of CO2 – less than the equivalent to what one tree draws down per year and only enough to get you one way from London to Sheffield.”

These new findings will support launch of the first ever ‘World Seitan Day’ (which will take place on October 18th, 2021 – the birthday of George Ohsawa) – a new initiative to celebrate seitan as the world’s most versatile and sustainable vegan meat, and honour George Ohsawa (born on October 18th 1893), from Japan, the first person to ever coin the term ‘seitan’. 

Hand-crafted for excellent taste and a satisfying texture, LoveSeitan’s products are made with healthy nourishment in mind:

  • Just 100g provides:
    • Protein: 28g
    • Fat: 1.2g, of which 0.2g is saturates
    • Carbs: 8.8g, of which 0.6g is sugars
    • Salt: 1.5g
    • Fibre: 2.6g (over 3g for Smokey Dokey and Seitan Pepperoni)
    • B12: 1.3 micrograms. 
      • Daily requirement according to the NHS website is 1.5 micrograms

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